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“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing” and ``(even) A bad system will beat a good person every time`` W. Edwards Deming - Author, Consultant, Statistician, Engineer & Yale Professor.


  • Consistency: Better habits predict better results.
  • Reliability: Getting things done avoids “pile-ups.”
  • Motivation: Desire to ACT kills Procrastination.
  • Structure: Good Structure breeds Longevity.
  • Discipline: Winners commit to goals & plans!
  • Success: Wins breed power. Loss yields excuses!


  • Volitility: Eradic behavior & activity Increases RISK.
  • Redundancy: Doing things twice costs time & money.
  • Haste: Impulses & emotions make poor masters.
  • Waste increases work, robs time & drains resources.
  • Laziness leads to failure, victim-hood & poverty.
  • Failure: Losing causes blame, anger, shame & loneliness.

Annual THP 6030 Success Map

Financial Assistance

The THP Annual Success Map: …is designed to keep you on track and and on top of every element of your financial plan. The map is our annual system, especially for our “A Students” who want to make sure every element of their finances are fully “Organized, Calculated, Understood, and Synergized.” Become an A-Student on your finances by following our plan and The Money Decoder will show you how you will gain 10’s amd maybe 100’s of thousands of dollars just by committing yourself to a Quality Financial System!

Weekly 6030 Action Plan

Weekly 6030 Action Plans:  6030’s are simple 5-15 minute action steps you can take to improve your finances and save & make more money, one step at a time. During 4 weeks of the month you will slowly, yet surely become TOTALLY Organized, Calculated and Educated with inside Financial Assistance information you can apply to save & make more with what you are given. Miss a week, no problem. Plug right back in. No homework to make-up, just move forward right back toward financial success! 6030 = Less than 60 minutes every 30 days. That’s about 1/10 of 1% of your time to grow your money.

Financial Assistance

THP Synergy Map

Financial Assistance

The THP Synergy Map contains 2 Elements and will AMAZE & INSPIRE YOU!: (1) THP Synergy Map helps you see your own progress in the THP Synergy System. You can track whether you have earned Bronze, Silver or Gold Status as a financial manager. (2) it shows you REAL FINANCIAL RESULTS as you save money in each area of your finances. YOU WILL BE AMAZED at how small changes, in multiple disciplines, with consistency of time will save you hundred’s of thousands of dollars. This will knock your socks off!

Financial Assistance