Welcome to The Harvest Plan

Hi, my name is Mark Harvey and I developed ``The Harvest Plan.``
Here is my experience and the basis from which I have created The Harvest Plan, software & knowledge base

1990 : licensed as an insurance agent: Life, Health, Disability, Long Term Care… have placed and continue to offer hundreds of insurance policies
1991: Licensed to offer investments, retirement planning, etc.. – series 6 & 63 continue to manage millions of dollars of investments
1996: Licensed as real estate agent: Offered mortgages and real estate via nationwide lender originated over a 1000 mortgages and hundreds of real estate transactions
2000: Licensed as casualty insurance broker: home, auto, umbrella and commercial insurance have placed and continue to offer hundreds of insurance policies
2002: Licensed as real estate broker: Approved to hire real estate and mortgage licensees to work under my supervision. Founded, Harvest Finance & Mortgage, Inc.have trained, hired and fired dozens of real estate and mortgage professionals
2004: Developed “NoLoseLoan” Software, which was marketed nationwide to mortgage lenders developed with my team of loan officers and still loved by all clients who use it.
2007: Developed “Money Decoder” for financial advisors to assist consumers with financial planning Now re-branded as “The Harvest Plan” and now available to consumers.
2011: Tax Preparation first offered through Harvest Finance & Mortgage, Inc. now offer tax preparation services to individuals, corporations, trusts, etc…
2012: Established Mark T. Harvey Investments, Registered Investment Adviser. Approved to hire and supervise investment adviser representatives for all investment types and offer financial services of all kinds for fees. offering financial planning, investment management, and portfolio management.
2015: Certified as IRS Enrolled Agent: approved to act for clients in any and all mannors with IRS for purpose of taxes, negotiations, IRS Audits and Resolutions  prepare taxes, IRS problem solving, tax planning and bookkeeping..


The answer is ``Simple`` The Harvest Plan is by far and without a doubt:

The Best Over-all, Fully-Integrated Financial Planning Software.
The Best Way for consumers to improve financial decision-making.
The Easiest-to-use and simplest method to organize your finances
The most credible & transparent way to understand Consumer Finances.


Mark Harvey
Financial Adviser since 1990

Areas of Expertise, Licenses, Certifications and 3rd Party

Corp & Individual Taxe Prepare - Completed 1,000+ Corp & Individual Tax Returns:  IRS Enrolled Agent #117767, Mark T. Harvey (Per IRS Circular 230)
Investments & Financial Planning - Invested/Managed Millions & Advised 1,000's:   Registered Investment Advisor CRD #169170, Mark T. Harvey Investments:
Corporate Real Estate - Hundreds of Real Estate Transactions as "Corporate Officer":  DRE/BRE Corp. Officer License #01354406, Harvest Finance & Mortgage, Inc.
Individual Real Estate - Hundreds of Real Estate Transactions as Real Estate "Broker":   DRE/BRE  Broker License #01218524, Mark Harvey
Loan Broker Corporation - Hired & Trained dozens of Loan Officer & Processors:   NMLS Corporate MLO Endorsement #331992, Harvest Finance & Mortgage, Inc.
Loan Wholesale Broker - Funded 1,000's Loans as independent loan Broker:  NMLS Individual MLO Endorsement #331773, Mark T. Harvey
Written hundreds of insurance policies - as life, health & P/C loan broker:   Dept. of Ins. - Life, Health, Casualty & Property Broker, Variable Contracts Licenses #0707300, Mark T. Harvey
BBB: BBB Rating Since 2002

"Yes, it's a lot to maintain all of these licenses, but at the same time it's part of what helps me keep learning and adding value to The Harvest Plan and all our clients.