I love helping people win the money game. Maybe it’s because I spent so many decades watching people lose it and get ripped-off when a better, clearer and easier path was available, but not known to them. After helping thousands find the right tax, investment, real estate, or retirement plan, I realized what most were missing was the financial “intelligence” and “tools” to analyze their specific situation. So I created a money-game blueprint. Actually it’s much more than an architectural design plan since it has so many building tools and interactive, strategic guides. It’s more like a complete tool box and a workbench — with a built-in coach to guide you every step of the way. And knowing how valuable time is to my clients… this “financial mechanic’s” guide won’t take you long hours at night or on weekends to tune-up your money game. It won’t even take one hour a week. With my system, it only takes 10 minutes per week to gain massive financial intelligence and completely change your personal fortunes for the better.
How is this possible?
Because after helping thousands of families improve their knowledge, confidence & decisions for their financial future through my “insider insight,” I saw that what most needed was a “gentle drill sergeant” to help them get over what only appeared to be hard-to-do stuff. So I created The Harvest Plan system. This isn’t about tough-love to make you cut up your credit cards. It’s about helping you build a working, interactive profile of your financial life that you can engage, play with, and learn from — so that you can easily see what’s best for you and your goals. No one is there telling you what to do or think. The software just calculates multiple opportunities for you and you decide which ones you want to take.
Within The Harvest Plan system are specialized tools like the MoneyDecoder, which explains complex topics in simple language to help you win. And, it houses your own, comprehensive financial profile at the same time so as your financial life changes you can clearly see exactly where you are and where the change takes you. This gives you the advanced intelligence to properly change your sails and direction as the financial winds change in your personal life. Guiding you the entire way is my powerful video tutorial system, the MoneyPlan Coach. Plus a whole library of articles, including, The 12 Laws of the Harvest. Let’s get going on your money journey by starting your free, no obligation trial right now!