Program Overview:

The Harvest Plan Software and Coaching System (THP) helps you gain more prospects and move them and existing clients more efficiently toward their best, personal financial destiny.

THP creates a multi-dimensional connection between your clients and the pot of gold waiting for them, specifically through you.  “Multi-dimensional,” meaning that the THP system creates a mental, emotional, mathematical, visual, pragmatic and experiential financial connection between you and your clients.  It is a tangible gift you offer (both existing clients and new prospects), which assures them, soothes them and motivates them to act on their best monetary decisions.

Through your Platinum Membership, offered only to licensed financial professionals and corporations, you provide a deep discount for them to partner with you on their own, private, comprehensive, money muscle-building platform. Your gift offers them answers, guidance and tools they need to plug mental-emotional gaps and practical holes so they can improve their financial lives in all possible ways.

THP acts as your free assistant by helping them organize, clarify and build a stronger financial life. When you interface with them, you have already made positive and concrete impact on their organization, calculation and understanding unlike anyone else has ever done for them. With trust, loyalty and clarity in hand, both parties can focus on problem-solving and moving to the next level, which means adding to their plan through your financial expertise.  The answers are now easy to see and inspiring to act upon.

At a deeper, more specific level, we help you declutter their hearts, minds and documents while eliminating misunderstandings, money-myths, fears and apprehensions.  These distractions, when otherwise left in the process, lead to shopping, procrastination, fear, mistrust, lost opportunities and wasted time.  THP eliminates the mental, emotional, mathematical and trust gaps between client needs and professional guidance. This results in bigger, faster and more solidified victory for everyone!