100% Satisfaction Guarantee during your 30 Day Trial with No CC Required

We allow you to use THP free for 30 days to prove it will add value to your business and to the lives of your clients, Instead of requiring a credit card to start billing you right away, we just let the program prove itself to you.

Plus, once you purchase THP, your unique access code that allows you to give the 75% discount to your clients, will also give them the same 30 day free trial, which is twice the standard 15-Day trial for consumers not entering through their advisor. That’s your extra free trial benefit as a Financial Professional, making you look as generous as you are intelligent and caring. But once you become a Platinum Professional Partner (PPP), you will gain access to THP’s highest discounts available, which you can pass on to ALL OF YOUR CLIENTS and PROSPECTS!

Once you Free Trial our system and we validate your professional license and/or business, we will send you a link to our pricing page, including a special pricing video.  Upon watching that video, we believe you will immediately understand why our system is the lowest priced, highest impact system offered for financial professionals to help the lives of their clients.  …and you will want to join up “IMMEDIATELY!”  Lets see what happens.   🙂