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The Money Decoder: Our Magic Money Organizer and Super-Money-System.

Organizes & Calculates Everything you ever wanted to know for your finances, as well as what you didn’t know you needed calculated.

Income Analyzer: A snapshot of your family income & personal economic value… Integrates with Decisions Map, Asset B/P and NoLoseLoan.

RE & Mtg Miser: A complete vision of all your personal & investment real property, equity, pay-offs, cash flow, & mortgage calculators

Credit Minder: Know how YOUR credit works to save thousands in interest & lower your payments! This module integrates with AIR Debt Eliminator!

Asset B/P: Build/Plan your investments, retirement, college funding, Debt Free ages, Retirement Age & Exact Income… Gain $1,00’s in 10 minutes or less!

Insurance Adjustment Suite: Save BIG Money Learning how to Never Over-Pay for insurance and yet remain fully protected… sometimes even moreso!

Decisions Map: Save $1,000’s and hundreds of hours right off the bat and stay on the winning track!

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Full access to all Bronze tools & video's plus advanced features, listed below:


Includes: EVERYTHING IN BRONZE PLAN, PLUS, you also get:

Accountsmanager: More “accounting” with Less “counting.” THP’s unique, Time-Saving, Money Tracking System. This is the Easiest Money-Tracking System available for personal use.

Buy-O-meter: Never again wrestle over a purchase. Make purchasing decisions in an Easy, Logical, but still Flexible Method, based on your wants and needs.

Noloseloan: 10’s of $1,000’s are Made & Lost in loan transactions. NoLoseLoan will put you In Control of all your RE Financing and will show you all COSTS AND BENEFITS to financing a new home and/or refinancing. This will save you thousands of dollars and hours of time.

AIR Debt Eleminator: Pre-packaged & Integrated with Credit-Minder, save $1,000’s paying off debt in the highest efficiency mathematical way.

THP Doc-Vault: Simple Doc Mngt. Just plug-in your docs to our system and eliminate paperwork hassles!

THP-University: Learn everything you need to know about money, that nobody ever told you, in a simple message at a pace that works for you. Get insider insight in our simple "Tool-Torials."

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Includes: EVERYTHING IN GOLD PLAN, PLUS, special features & offers below:

 Corp & Group Discounts

Corp Discounts: The Harvest Plan is: 1) the Least Expensive, 2) Highest Impact, 3) Most Valuable Employee Benefit your company will ever provide. Inquire for details on discounts for your Corp, Organization or Group.

 Financial Professional Discounts

Financial Professionals: You and your clients will both profit immensely from The Harvest Plan, as will your client relationships. Through Financial Professional Program, THP helps Financial Pro's increase referrals, customer loyalty & sales efficiency. Inquire within to find out how you can benefit your Business & Clients by teaming with The Harvest Plan.

  Representative Discounts

Representative Discounts: Already referring people to The Harvest Plan? Why not get paid?? Becoming an affiliate is simple and pays you back from the very start. We pay partners and customers who refer our memberships to friends, family, corps & groups. Whether you are a natural influencer, want a second income, or simply want to off-set your own cost for THP, inquire here to get paid for spreading referring The Harvest Plan to others.