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THE SOLUTION for Complete, Simple & Accessible Organization.
Eliminate All Waste of Time, Money & Energy
& Manage your Financial Docs Like a Pro!

Organization is a KEY TO LIFE: Successful people know that Organization saves Time & Money and is a prime element to success!

Organization provides Efficiency, Clarity, Productivity, Control, Power and more! Every quality team, organization, person knows that Organization is integral to success. Successful people also know that Disorganization is a problem and gets in the way of success. A plan, a system, a place for everything is crucial. Organization is what enables one to build upon past knowledge and activities vs.duplicating the same work, re-learn the same information… or worse, spend time not building or not learning and instead, searching for lost items, cleaning up unnecessary messes or re-building former plans and/or information that has remained disorganized.

Disorganization costs time and money. There is no benefit to being disorganized and there is almost always a cost, whether long-term or short-term and whether tangible or intangible. There is a reason nobody seeks to be disorganized. It just happens because we don’t have the right tools or direction. We stay in disorganization because when we don’t have the proper tools and/or direction to Organize Efficiently we either organize wrongly, or we procrastinate due to lack of a clear vision or direction. We do this because we perceive more cost (usually time) than benefit, thus repeating a cycle of Waste, Stress,, Frustration, Hassle, Duplication of same work, Chaos AND Procrastination.

Financial Planning Software

The Harvest Plan solves the Organization problem in many, many ways. One of 4 Critical Design Elements and Benefits of The Harvest Plan is complete Financial Organization, including: Documents, Information, Training & Financial Activity. Below are just a few examples of how organization is packaged into The Harvest Plan. Again, these are a just a few of many possible examples that demonstrate ways THP increases financial clarity,control, power and “Pro-Activity” , thus resulting in more financial success!

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THP Lay-Out: The Harvest Plan starts with THP FOCUS: The Harvest Plan Financially Organizes, Calculates, provides Understanding and Systemizes ALL of your monetary concerns. The system works both categorically and chronologically where you get bite-sized, self-paced, easily digestible chunks of financial growth over a full year. THP breaks down your entire financial life so that you can Maximize & Synergize your entire financial future! And, if you miss a lesson or don’t keep up, you plug-in without stumbling or consequence, other than a little time lost. But you never need to start over or ever feel like you are “off the plan.” When time and desire permits, you just pick-up as if you never missed a beat.


Buy-O-Meter: Buying is certainly one of the Greatest Financial Disciplines one can maintain. But how?? Our simple solution is an easy way to “organically” help you make better decisions without feeling limited, stressed, anxious or uncertain. Our Buy-O-Meter gives you the information you need to make the decisions that are best for you. A HUGE BONUS Buy-O-Meter provides is when two or more are involved. The Buy-O-Meter has a profound impact and benefit of limiting arguments, debates & conflict because, like the Decisions Map and other THP modules, The Buy-O-Meter naturally pulls two or more team-mates in the same direction, toward reality, and ultimately toward Financial Success!

Doc Vault

Doc Vault: The Doc Vault is the answer to all your paperwork. We have a pre-designed method of paperwork management and locations that is simple, intuitive and where you will never again waste time looking for documents or wondering,…. What should I keep and what should I throw-away. The THP Doc-Vault solves ALL of your document needs. Here is just one example of the over-all lay-out of your new document management system and just one sub-folder area (representing the “Family” element) of your documents.


  • Efficiency
  • Clarity
  • Productivity
  • Control
  • Power
  • Time


  • Waste
  • Stress
  • Frustration
  • Hassle
  • Chaos
  • Procrastination