As of this post, the most updated IRS Form for change of address is posted here: IRS Form 8822To get the most updated form, do a search for: “IRS Form 8822”

So, what should I do if I move??

  1.  If you are waiting on a refund, all you can do is make sure you file a change of address with the US Post Office.  Hopefully, they get the job done and your refund gets routed to you.  Click Here for a link to change address for USPS.
  2. If no refund is pending, simply file the IRS Form 8822.  That will ensure that any and all IRS letters, notices, issues, etc.. are communicated to your new address.

Just like paying bills, it is your responsibility to communicate with IRS and just like banks, utility companies and department stores, “not receiving mail” is NOT an excuse for late payments.  So, it is a good idea to take the time to complete these forms when you move.