Completing an installment plan with FTB is relatively simple.  You can do it via phone, in writing or complete an online request.

Your best starting place to go through this process is posted HERE and below at the “START HERE” link.  But here are some basic items you will want to know in advance: Generally speaking, you can apply if:

  1. Your balance is less than $25,000
  2. You plan on paying your balance in less than 60 months
  3. Your tax return filings are up to date
  4. You are not in an existing payment plan with FTB
  5. Be prepared to set-up a monthly auto-withdrawl from your bank account and DON’T MISS ANY PAYMENTS or your install ment plan could be cancelled. 

Final helpful tips:  Know that IRS and FTB are not quick.  If you have other letters and communications that you need to respond to, complete your application for installment plan and RESPOND TO RELATED LETTERS by stating that you have applied for an installment plan via 1 __________ method (phone/mail or online), and that request was made on 2. ______ (date).

Lastly, if you are faced with a tight timeline or lien that will be imposed on you in less than 30 days, we suggest:

  1. Calling the number on the your letter/notice
  2. Keeping detailed records of dates, times, people and agreements made, and
  3. Following up on dates agreed to
  4. Depending on your situation, you can typically request “holds” or “post-postponements” when there are uncertainties or you do not agree with or there are discrepancies on amounts owed and/or reasons for delays.

It’s not too difficult to work by phone, the key is that you just create time to wait through their generally long phone systems and wait times by having other work and activities to do while you wait on hold.

For online, phone or mail applications for a payment plan: START HERE