Q. Can I cancel anytime?

A. Yes, cancel anytime. We’d love to know why if you do, but will not hold you to an answer. If you pay annually, and receive the “Annual Discount” we will not pro-rate. But we also will not charge again.

Q. Does your software connect to my accounts?

A. No. ONE, our software and program works “PRO-Actively” as opposed to most others, which have a “RE-active” Financial approach. IT IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT and built to work with what you have and are already doing. And TWO, we do not EVER want to be a security threat to you or your accounts, so we DO NOT request or want any account numbers or private information entered into our financial software.

Q. How do you know I will save $10's to $100's of thousands?

A. We have been consulting and using this software and technique for many, many years, with more clients than you can imagine. And the sad reality is, the American public is so under-equipped with financial tools and knowledge and has no idea the opportunities they are leaving on the table. Even the ones with advisors, oftentimes have been provided skewed information offered to facilitate product sales, not to inform and educate. So much information in the financial process is filled with myths, omissions, misrepresentations that thousands are left on the table for banks, brokers and financial professionals at the cost of the average under-suspecting consumer.

Q. What makes your software so unique?

A. There are dozens of reasons, but the best few and the reasons why we can help you so much are probably: 1) TOTAL TRANSPARENCY, 2) NO SALES AGENDA, 3) THIS IS NOT A LEAD GENERATOR or STEERING TOOL TO GET you to buy something something, from someone, 4) Money-Coaching-System built-into the software, 5) EVERYONE can use it, not just the wealthy or the poor, but both, 6) Total guarantee – no long term contracts required, 7) SIMPLE-TO-USE, 8) TOTALLY COMPREHENSIVE, not just a budget calculator, 9) SUPER SOPHISTICATED, YET SUPER-SIMPLE TO USE! 10) BUILT TO HELP YOU SUCCEED – “YOUR FINANCIAL SUCCESS IS OUR MISSION!” That’s the whole purpose of the software, because we belive that is the niche NOT being addressed by most of the financial industry.

Q. Why should I trust "The Harvest Plan" over anyone else, including my present advisors or other "Guru's"?

A. ONE, read our “About Us” area and you will see we have probably more actual experience in all areas of finance than anyone else you are dealing with, have a flawless record and never had a complaint in over 30 years! TWO, we don’t ever say, “Trust us” as an excuse for not explaining things to you. We actually help you do the ACTUAL MATH and THREE instead of selling product from “trust” we offer you the tools and information you need to determine whether or not you can trust the person you want to deal with. Instead of trusting us as your salesman, you use us to help you determine who you can trust.

Q. What if I hate math or hate finances or just feel no hope?

A. This program TOTALLY TAKES THAT INTO CONSIDERATION! Remember, we have used these techniques with thousands. So, we know maybe half the public hates math. So, we have worked VERY Hard to make this SIMPLE, EASY TO USE, and evern moreso, ENCOURAGING, INSPIRING and Full of Hope for the our clients in EVERY WALK OF LIFE – from millionaires to working-class!

Q. What if my spouse doesn't want to use it?

A. We got that handled too. Sometimes in this business, financial people can feel like marriage counselors. One of the special elements of this program is that it works in a way that DOESN’T SHAME or discourage, but EMPOWERS people to make good decisions and take a realistic view of their money. Once people have THE POWER to FULLY SEE & UNDERSTAND THEIR MONEY there is a magic that takes place that just encourages them to take more interest and make better choices. When the numbers are well laid out and made simple, fear disapates and arguing, fear and adversity subsides. However, at the outset, we suggest using it on your own if your partner won’t use it. In time, they will come around if you just keep them posted on what you are doing and what things look like. Everyone actually wants to be financially secure. It’s just that when partners feel blamed or shamed they shy away. Your job is to be supportive with your spouse. Our job is to simply represent numbers and information that helps them get encouraged and motivated to work with you to optimize your finances.

Q. What if I have ZERO understanding or experience with money?

A. Our coaching hero is a man named John Wooden. He is famous for starting his training with the best players in college basketball by showing them how to tie their shoes. He and we believe in learning fundamentals from the ground up and that’s how this program works. It teaches simply, completely and transparently from the ground up. This is built for beginners and professionals and works for everyone. So, don’t hold back, wherever you are in life. Use it and it will work for you!

Q. What if I already have a good handle on my money and know what I'm doing.

A. I’d bet you we can save you every bit, if not more than the novice! Why? Because if that’s who you are, you probably have more money to save. We have CEO’s of major corporations using our program, CPA’s, Financial professionals, doctors, attorneys (very capable and smart people) etc… They use our program to turn millions into more millions and to manage their money in a way that saves them time, which they are well aware is a precious commodity to them. The more money you have, probably the more time and money we can save you. If you have more to manage, you need our program even more to help you manage everything and think and sort and view like a CEO. Not like a staff accountant.

Q. What if I don't have much money to manage?

A. In the words of one of the all-time great tennis players, John McEnroe… “You can’t be serious!?” You have no money to manage and you are wondering whether you should invest a very, very small amount of money (less than most people spend on monthly coffee) to try the best, least expensive and most comprehensive money-coaching and training system available? Unless you are a high school student that recently graduated, you should have money! If you don’t, then start using our program and you will have money. And, if you are a high school student, that just graduated, start using this program now so you will never ask the question… what if I don’t have much money? (PS. Not trying to shame anyone, just trying to be funny and add some emphasis for effect. We do care about you and want you to win!)

Q. Can I get a discount or scholarship?

A. Buy it and find out. Yes, we do have programs that help people who need it. And, it WILL HELP YOU if you need it. But, you have to buy it first. Remember, there is a guarantee, so if we can’t save you more than you spend (by a lot) you can always cancel. But, we can show you ways where this program will definitely make you a lot more than you spend! That’s the whole idea. Make people more than they spend! Remember, “YOUR FINACIAL SUCCESS IS OUR MISSION!”