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NON-CASH Contributions Worksheet

Did you GIVE OVER $500 in Fair Market Value of NON-CASH GIFTS to Charities this year? If so, use this worksheet to list your gifts for your tax return (if claiming total under $500, no form or listing is necessary). Download PDF Version Download MS Excel Version “NON-CASH” Contributions are most commonly clothing, electronics, furniture, & other items and other “Hard Assets” given. Whereas, “Cash Contributions” are cash, checks and “Financial” contributions provided, NOT reported as part of non-cash gifts.


Certification and Authorization Form

Please complete the following two steps: Step 1: Click Here to complete Certification and Authorization Form  – Send: by fax:  949-203-2100 or email direct to: moneyplancoach@gmail.com) Step 2: Complete the following link for self (& spouse if joint application)  


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