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NON-CASH Contributions Worksheet

Did you GIVE OVER $500 in Fair Market Value of NON-CASH GIFTS to Charities this year? If so, use this worksheet to list your gifts for your tax return (if claiming total under $500, no form or listing is necessary). Download PDF Version Download MS Excel Version “NON-CASH” Contributions are most commonly clothing, electronics, furniture, & other items and other “Hard Assets” given. Whereas, “Cash Contributions” are cash, checks and “Financial” contributions provided, NOT reported as part of non-cash gifts.


IRA Contribution Limits – 2020

For 2020, your total contributions to all of your traditional and Roth IRAs cannot be more than: $6,000 ($7,000 if you’re age 50 or older), or your taxable compensation for the year (if your compensation was less than the limits above). For 2019, the limits are the same as 2020 Read Full IRS Article Other Related Questions: IRA Deductions if COVERED by Employer Plan (IE, 401k and other) IRA Deductions if NOT COVERED by Employer Retirement Plan Spousal IRAs If you file a joint return, you may be able to contribute to an IRA even if you did not have taxable compensation as long as your spouse did. The amount of your combined…


Where & When to Make Income Tax Payments

WHERE to Make INCOME TAX Payments: IRS as an individual – this is what you pay on your 1040 at the end of each tax year. State as an individual – this is what you pay on your state return at the end of each year State as a corporation / entity – this is what you pay your state as a corporation (depending on each state) TO MAKE IRS Income Tax Payments as an individual: click here …usually this is the amount owed on Form 1040 …It will ask you:


Basic Tutorial Videos – Level One

The Harvest Plan – How it works – Click Here: You spend 5-15 minutes per week in an organized, engineered plan that combines with professional grade financial tools to maximize your finances and gain financial peace, power and clarity like nothing else can provide! Basic Navigation of The Harvest Plan Website – Click Here:  Here is how the website operates and how to easily navigate on the website. Family Basic Input Tutorial – Click Here: This video contains the basic input video for inputting detailed data into the “Family” module. Income Basic Input Tutorial – Click Here: This video contains the basic input video for inputting detailed data…


FTB Installment Plan

Completing an installment plan with FTB is relatively simple.  You can do it via phone, in writing or complete an online request. Your best starting place to go through this process is posted HERE and below at the “START HERE” link.  But here are some basic items you will want to know in advance: Generally speaking, you can apply if: Your balance is less than $25,000 You plan on paying your balance in less than 60 months Your tax return filings are up to date You are not in an existing payment plan with FTB Be prepared to set-up a monthly auto-withdrawl from your bank account and DON’T…


Money Saving Inquiries

How much could you save? Spend 10-15 minutes and find out. For  Tax Analysis – Click Here For  Mortgage Rate Inquiry – Click Here For  Mortgage Loan Application – Click Here For Real Estate Analysis – Click Here For  Investment Analysis – Click Here For Home Insurance Inquiry – Click Here For Auto Insurance Inquiry – Click Here For Life Insurance Inquiry – Click Here


IRS – What if I change addresses?

As of this post, the most updated IRS Form for change of address is posted here: IRS Form 8822.  To get the most updated form, do a search for: “IRS Form 8822” So, what should I do if I move??  If you are waiting on a refund, all you can do is make sure you file a change of address with the US Post Office.  Hopefully, they get the job done and your refund gets routed to you.  Click Here for a link to change address for USPS. If no refund is pending, simply file the IRS Form 8822.  That will ensure that any and all IRS letters,…

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