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THP's FINANCIAL Calc's are worth 10's of $1,000's!

People lose 10’s of $1,000’s for 4 primary reasons:

1)  Many people just don’t like math, plus financial calculations are extra complicated. THP does all the math.. the RIGHT MATH, then presents it in a way you can easily understand.

2)  Time & Direction Perception.  The perceived cost of time with lack of direction and under-valued opportunity cost leaves people in a state of procrastination.  THP Reduces Time, Provides Direction & Clarifies Cost.

3) Some “Over-Trust” others for lack of inside knowledge, quality tools & confidence. THP provides the knowledge, tools and confidence you need to “verify & clarify” the work of your advisers.

4) Even smart people miss MAJOR elements simply for lack of “inside information.” Many financial institutions & professionals go to great lengths to make key details hard to find & understand. THP sheds light on financial darkness.

THP contains the Tools, Insight, Knowledge & Guidance we all need!

Financial Planning Software

THP’s MONEY DECODER solves all your “financial math” problems. THP does the math, the right math, all the math for you, then presents it back to you in a way that is simple & understandable.  You win back more time, Financial Clarity & Certainty.  Built from decades of financial experience and years of programming, THP is the best Consumer Financial Planning Software available.  It is a Professional Quality System, built specifically for the lay-person.

The simple-to-use platform & “Tool-Torials” show you what you want to know, and what you didn’t know you needed to know, without you having to do the work.  Below are just a few OF MANY examples of how THP helps you more clearly understand what you need to know to Be the most effective CEO you can be of your own Financial Life!

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Assets B/P: Planner/Builder

Liquid Assets B/P: Planner/Builder: Here you can see just by typing in one’s account information and projected retirement age and info, we Calculate Future Value of each Account, Retirement income Projections, Debt Free Ages, Future Real Estate & Equity Positions, Net Assets and everything else one would need to know and organize to make decisions for one’s future self.  Then we explain everything you would want or need to know, as your financial staff adviser through our Tool-Torials.

Financial Planning Software

Real Estate and Mortgage Mise

Financial Planning Software

Real Estate & Mortgage Miser: Real Estate and Mortgages are HUGE elements of a financial plan. Organizing and knowing what you have can save you thousands when opportunities strike through purchase & sales opportunities and/or through market fluctuations. This and other modules also help you make big decisions.  And big decisions can amount to BIG GAINS OR LOSSES!  The RE, Mortgage & Business module contains an element and “Tool-Torials” for clarifying long & short-term decisions pertaining to your real estate (owner-occupied & investment properties), owned businesses and other “non-liquid” assets. It integrates with our Assets B/P and retirement plan modules, as well as our special financing program, The “NoLoseLoan.”

Decisions Map

Decisions Map Our Decisions Map is like NO OTHER money tracking or budgeting system available. It is built with layers of organization that help you make better decisions naturally while also tracking them effortlessly and pro-actively. We help you do MORE ACCOUNTING, with LESS COUNTING! This integrates with our unique money management feature available on our Gold Membership Plan to make accounting and pro-active spending simple, manageable, practical and DOABLE!

Financial Planning Software

The simplest & most complete Financial Management System available to

Organize, Calculate, Understand &

Manage your Financial Life & Future.