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Affiliate Financial Professional
AFTER after you become the Most-Trusted Financial Advisor in your market!
TRULY IMPACT your client's Finances, well beyond what your competition offers!
At almost ZERO NET COST and with almost ZERO NET TIME EXPENSE!
Choose from 3 great options below: 1. Low cost, 2. Low commitment, or 3. Guarantee.
Provide your clients with
Deep Discounts for an Amazing Financial System!
Sponsor Plan
$25 + $5/month
Big Client Discount
(cancel anytime)
Customized COUPON CODE
for any/all your clients and prospects... which provides:
  • $100 + annual tangible discount benefit to all your clients and prospects.
  • Weekly Financial System emails from you, "sponsor"
  • Keeps you top of mind to your whole market.
  • We lift you up as a THP Quality Professional.
  • Increases you referrals
  • Adds value to your service, helping justify your fees.
  • Best Financial Support available to your clients.
  • Great Prospecting Tool
  • Enhances your sales offer
  • Shows you invest back to your clients, financially.
  • Shows you know about finances in general.
  • You stand-out as a financial professional,  not just a sales-person.
  • Enhances your credibility.
  • Enhances your professional image.
  • Link-code for your web-site & business card.
  • Increases your business efficiency, by better training your clients on small things....and
  • Helps you and them do & justify financial math faster & easier... thanks to you!
  • Bonds your clients to you.  Increases stickiness of your business & clients.
  • Creates consulting work
  • Simplifies your consulting work by simplifying their financial position.
  • You provide them tools that answer small & simple questions for them, that can sometimes be a cost & distraction to you.

 THP Sponsor Plan.

Rep Plan
$99 + $5/month
Make Money Marketing!
(cancel anytime)
Customized SALES CODE:
+ EARN $48/yr - lifetime
for each user you sponsor!
  • All of the Sponsor Benefits shown under the Sponsor Plan, PLUS.....
  • You earn $4/sale/month lifetime for every one of your users =  $48 to you! Per user, Per Year!
  • Lifetime benefit
  • Increase your financial sales revenue by for every client, prospect or anyone signing up with your code!
  • Make more money out of season!
  • SIMPLE MATH: for every 100 Clients....  If you get a 10% acceptance rate, that's 10x48/year = $480/year...  how many clients/prospects do you have? ..x % x 48 / Yr.  ... that's only a 10% usage!  What if 50% usage for 500?
  • You make money even on prospects who never work with you.
  • You gain clients from prospects that WILL REMEMBER YOU because you are their financial management system representative.
  • Through our program, we keep you top of mind, and
  • We market for you every week without them ever knowing it!
  • There is NO DOWNSIDE!
  • It takes only 5 client to sign-ups and everything else is PURE BONUS MONEY & FREE TO YOU, FOREVER!
  • Cancel anytime with no client disruption.  If you cancel, clients already on plan will still receive your marketing materials and will keep their discounts from you.  You only would lose commissions.

The Representative Plan
PRO-Rep Plan
$2/Client + $5/mo.
100% Guaranteed
(Cancel Anytime)
Customized SALES CODE:
+ EARN $48/yr. lifetime
for each user you sponsor!
  • Pro Rep Includes All of the Sponsor AND Rep Benefits  to the left, PLUS.....
  • WE GUARANTEE YOUR Investment, because.....
  • We call your clients and prospects for you to offer the discount!  The $2/ client covers telemarketing.
  • This Increases your sales & costs you ZERO Time!
  • We know how to sell our benefit to your clients, so we will maximize your sales,. &
  • Just the calls alone bring your clients back to top of mind, which triggers sales and referrals for you.
  • We know how to add credibility & value to you with your clients as their financial professional during the call.  Ask us how! 
  • How many times have you had the opportunity to have a telemarketer offer something to your clients, of high value, at almost no cost and show your clients that you care about them?  ...AND... you make money for doing almost nothing..... ...AND, your investment is "Guaranteed?"  .
  • you make money annually from all sponsored users.
  • Cancel anytime with no client disruption.  Meaning, if you cancel, clients already on plan will still receive your marketing materials and will keep their discounts from you.  So they keep their benefit.
  • Guarantee below.  We can guarantee because we WILL MAKE CALLS and GET your Clients & Prospects excited!

The PRO-Rep Plan


We guarantee you will make more money in THP commissions than you pay for the Pro-Rep Plan.

At any time after 90 days and before 1 year from the date of delivering your marketing list, if you are dissatisfied with our program we will return 100% of your marketing investment, minus any commissions owed or paid-out to you & cancel your plan retroactively.

Should you cancel, we will NOT change anything for your clients.  They and the discounts and tools you provide them from your up-front investment, will remain undisturbed.  At the same time your investment is returned, we will allow you to keep your sales code and re-engage at whatever point you desire.  However, commissions earned, owed or created during or prior to the time of cancellation WILL NOT be owed or paid out to the representative after re-engagement.  Representatives who Cancel, then later re-engage  will ONLY be paid on new user's who sign-up "after re-engagement" as a representative.

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Trade: Waste, Stress, Frustration & Chaos
For... Efficiency Clarity, Productivity & Control
Switch: Guess-work, Fear, Errors & Dependency
For...  Certainty, Strategy Power & Reality
Swap: Victim-hood, Waste, Naivete & Loss
For... Wisdom, Confidence & Independence
Get Rid of:  Volatility, Stagnation & Redundancy
GAIN: Structure, Discipline, Growth & Motivation
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